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We are the dynamic duo behind Kinky & Quirky -

We are Mark & Sarah Bell.

In 2007 Mark was living in Wales, Sarah was living in Torquay and we met via a myspace page Sarah had set up called Kinky & Quirky!

Our mutual love of arts, music and retro combined with our frustration at not being able to find anywhere decent to go out in Torquay that appealed to us gave us the idea to set up something ourselves and so K&Q has evolved to become a melting pot of people, ideas, creativity, diversity and inclusivity.

Kinky & Quirky is no longer just us - K&Q has now become a fantasic community that enjoys a kick ass night out and some fabulous day time projects too!


(We get asked this a lot!)

Is it a fetish night? NO! Is is rude? NO! Is it all stripping? NO!

Will I be made to go on stage? NO! Will I be embarrassed? NO!

Is it sleazy? NO!

The answer to all of these questions is NO!

Kinky & Quirky is a night out!

It's for people who want a bit of escapism from

the usual 'night-out' offerings. It's a chance to dress up, to be entertained by some of the finest burlesque performers in the U.K (and sometimes the world), to dance to some eclectic mash-ups of vintage sounds and to spend the evening with like minded people! Every event we do attracts new customers but we are proud to have lots of fabulous people who come regularly, some never miss one

and some have been coming for years!

Kinky & Quirky: 2 of the nicest, hardworking, talented & all round awesome people I have met. Every month they work hard & put on an effortlessly amazing Burlesque night which always packs out due to their huge following. K&Q is where I rediscovered my confidence, where I met my awesome best friends and where I met my amazing Bf (both times). Long live Kinky & Quirky! xxx JG -2010

Click on this image to hear Sarah talking to someone who hadn't been to K&Q and had questions about burlesque!

We don't like scenes and we don't like boxes - but we do love people who are open-minded and curious, we love people who are innovators, who are engaging, who are positive and we love people who like to be themselves and not be dictated to by others!

So if this sounds like you then you will love K&Q

Superb night. Best night out by a long shot!

CW -2010

Great trio of performers in the best atmosphere!

Another great success!'

LS - 2010

'My first visit to Kinky and Quirky Burlesque night last night, had such a good time, sure I was the oldest person there! Age has no limits on pure joy though, will be back for another Burlesque evening.'

FB - 2010 

We get a lot of people posting amazing messages on

our facebook page!

In 2014 SW1TV made a documentary about us - it's nearly 30 minutes long so pour yourself a drink, slip into something more comfortable and find out a bit more about K&Q.

Click the link on the picture and go to Burlesque In The West.


( We have day time events too!)

As creatives we like to be involved with interesting projects so we have found ourselves doing all sorts of things over the years!

Mark is an artist - he graduated with a degree from

Central St Martin's College of Art & Design in Fashion

but his heart is always in painting.

His work is vibrant and he likes to paint classically.

Mark has been commissioned to paint many portraits.

He has exhibited and sold internationally.

There are some fantastic examples of Mark's classic portraits on

our facebook page

Click on the image to view

We curated an exhibition of 13 burlesque artists in London in 2012 which included Mark's paintings capturing snapshots

of our burlesque nights.

Click on this image to view the exhibition

Mark's work also has a fun and accessible side too!

He paints bold tattoo, pin-up and retro inspired imagery on all sorts of things including furniture, canvas and recycled objects.

Mark can be commissioned to paint portraits or any object.

To view more examples of his exciting work

click on the image

Sarah is a whirlwind, a catalyst, a go-getter, a troubleshooter and

a mother of two!

Her experience in branding, marketing, PR, event organizing and customer service training is applied to everything we do -

she knows that the devil is in the detail.

These are fabulous individual works of edible art that have been featured at our events.

Click on the image to view more

We have created distinctive branding for our events with wonderful poster designs most recently using Mark's painted artwork.

Click on the image to see more

We have selected photographers at our shows capturing the spirit of the event

Click on the image to see more

Together we have said yes to some fun things in the last few years - we like to take on projects where we work with

different groups of people and we feel we are making

a positive contribution to whatever we do.


We painted a huge mural on the seafront and worked with

young people as part of BBC Blast -

click on the image to see it unfold.

We were commissioned to paint some vintage style sideshow banners for a stage set that were then used as part of a parade.

Click on the image to view more

We worked with two of our favourite photographers and one of our favourite performers for a day of very contrasting shoots - one at a zoo and one in a nuclear bunker!

Click on the image to view more

We made a 'burlesque breakfast' for a TV programme -

click on the image to see more.

We organized and produced a 3 day vintage festival in Torquay in 2011 - click on the picture to see more.

We opened a shop for 12 months in the harbour area of Torquay which became known as Torquay's coolest gift shop - click on the image to see more.

We worked with Hoopers Department Store to celebrate their

30th birthday party - we brought in a band, a magician, a flea circus,

a burlesque performer - it was very silly -

click on the image to see more.

We styled a fantastic fashion shoot with a cool vintage clothing brand, a fab hairdresser and a great photographer

in a local nightclub.

Click on the image to view more.

We have just launched a monthly arts, crafts and vintage market called Pop Up Torquay in the Town Hall

Click on the image to view more


See you soon!