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(A bit of K&Q history!)

Since 2007 Devon’s only dedicated burlesque funsters ‘K&Q’ have successfully combined innovative entertainers with great music and retro loving cats and kittens have enjoyed a night of old school glamour with a modern twist in Devon.ize, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

We have just had an interview published in

21st Century Burlesque Magazine

Click on the picture below to go straight to the interview to get an insight into who we are and what we do!



In 2007 we started with a vision to produce an alternative night out in Torquay offering high quality and exclusive performances from the cream of the UK's burlesque, cabaret & alternative performers with cracking music to dance to and to attract a diverse audience - our first events in Torquay were popular but we struggled to get venues that understood what we were trying to achieve so after a few months we moved K&Q to a small venue in Exeter - it took off immediately and six months later we were booking up and coming performers and selling out the 250 capacity venue Havana in Exeter every month and we have never looked back!

We have sold out shows at The Corn Exchange in Exeter, The Pavillions in Exmouth, The Castle in Exeter, The Yellow Room at Seale Hayne, The Riviera Centre in Torquay as well as having a monthly residency in Torquay and we currently do our shows at the

The Corn Exchange in Exeter.




There are no set acts at a Kinky & Quirky event so there have been dancing girls, singers, comedians, circus performers, mime artistes and striptease artistes selected for their innovative work and entertainment.

Most performers appear in the South West exclusively at K&Q and we are highly regarded as one of the best on the U.K burlesque and cabaret scene. We are proud to have brought some of the biggest and best performers from the international burlesque world to our stages and we will continue to source and introduce new and prestigious acts to offer our audiences a truly authentic and memorable night out.  

Sell out events have been described by customers as ‘an absolutely kick ass night’, ‘wonderful’, ‘FAB’, and we are told repeatedly ‘this is one of the best nights out I have ever been on’.

Kinky & Quirky burlesque nights are extremely popular with a mixed crowd; think Moulin Rouge meets 1950’s Cuba meets Priscilla meets all the Carry On movies and Quadrophenia mixed with Rocky Horror and Cabaret and you're almost there and then imagine an audience of men, women, straight, gay and everything inbetween and beyond dressed up like extras from all of the above movies - that's K&Q!

21st Century Burlesque published a piece about one of our shows on July 5th 2014

Click on the image to read what they said....


It was awesome! xx

T.M Halloween 2015

Twas a smasher! Thank you once again for an awesome show.

T.M Halloween 2015

We miss K&Q, the MOST AWESOME nights out in the Southwest.

J.L November 2015

We had a top night, thank you!

S.O Halloween 2015

I'm sad it's over.

A.J Halloween 2015the options from the toolbar.

What a great night it was! Roll on October! Thank you K&Q

J.E June 2015

We had a fantastic time at the K&Q Valentine's Day event last week. As always, a good part of the fun was people-watching, and the crowd who'd made their way through wind and rain didn't disappoint. Steampunks, rockabillies, men and women of the 1940s in classic suits and pencil skirts, people in drag (both ways round), ladies who could have been on the stage themselves. I love the fact that age and size are considered no obstacle to wearing a gorgeous corset - this is an event where you can be as outrageous as you like!

On to the acts: a real variety show, mixing classic and comic striptease with other more unusual talents, all of whom happened to be new to us. The standout artist for me on this occasion was Immodesty Blaize performing a slow and mesmerising routine with a chaise-longue - I have never seen anyone drape themself over furniture so elegantly before, unless they were actually a cat. But there was something for everyone. I particuarly remember the well-endowed gingerbread man portrayed by Glorian Gray, Violet Blaze's sensuous way with two glasses of milk, several cheeky dance routines by the Flaming Feathers, the extraordinary Johnny Macaulay who can completely disappear inside a giant balloon and get changed inside it, and the unforgettable gymnastic dancing of Pixie Le Knot and the appropriately named Doug Strong. The evening ended with dancing to some good old-fashioned live rock'n'roll, and was still going strong when we left. We'll be back! KA - 2014

'Absolutely brilliant!!! We travel miles to get there for a reason.... there were times I was literally crying with laughter ... some very talented people...brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!! Xx'LA - 2014

'Loved every single second was incredible as always roll on the next one !!! Nothing compares xxxx' LD - 2014

'Now THAT was a night!!! Thank you for an amazing time, K & Q xx' KB - 2014

'Amazing amazing night as always... Huge congrats creating another fabulous evening!!! I have been to K&Q at The Havana, Club Rainbow, The Pavillion, The Corn Exchange and now at the Riviera Centre, each time a fantastic show with incredible atmosphere and amazing hosts who have always made me feel incredibly welcome, and part of the experience... You guys are outstanding at what you do and I cant wait for the next one!!! E xxx ' EP - 2013

'What a great night indeed! And such a well-dressed audience, too! Glad I ventured down from Wales XXX' RK - 2010

“Kinky & Quirky’s burlesque nights are a breath of fresh air,

a night of fabulous entertainment which appeals to people from all walks of life. Beautiful and talented performers, great music,

all wrapped up in a friendly fun atmosphere which makes K&Q

the best night of the month on my calendar!”

RP- 2009

First time I've ever been and I got to say I LOVED it!!!!

So classy :) I will be coming again :) EF - 2010

We currently do our shows at The Corn Exchange in Exeter .

Our shows are cabaret style with allocated table seating and consist of a high quality show followed by dancing to vintage sounds from the great musical eras of the 20th century so expect jazz, soul, rock and roll, swing, mambo, punk, funk, northern soul and a whole bunch of tunes you can't help but dance to!

 “People like to come to our nights because it gives everyone the opportunity to dress up with no boundaries on creativity or expression, everyone has fun enjoying a real melting pot of non-stop entertainment but anyone who comes along thinking that it’s all about stripping will be disappointed!”

To find out more about the different events that we are currently selling tickets for please go to our Events page.

If you're not really sure what we're all about have a look at our pictures and read the reviews on our Tease page.

We had a documentary made about us in 2014 - whizz over to our Stuff page to watch it!

To see all our pictures, comments and lots more interaction from the thousands of people who have been to our events find us on FACEBOOK



If you have any questions about any of our events please email us:

[email protected]


See you soon!

'Reckon that was the best K&Q yet!

Thanks for a great night!'